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Put Your Title in The Hands of The Top Christian Publishers

Brinkley's Publishing titles are regularly reviewed for new, talented authors. While there is no guarantee of the number of titles to be signed each year, this is an opportunity to get your foot in the door.
Traditional Publishing is way to costly. One of the best thing about Brinkley's Publishing is that we will help you through the process and you will keep all the royalties. 

With Brinkley's Publishing You Will:

  • Associate with a division of Author Winsome Brinkley who for over eight years has written and published over 16 books. Winsome is a leading, trusted name in the Christian publishing industry and Self-Help/Self-Improvement industry.
  • Receive professional services and support to create and publish the book that you envision easily, professionally and affordably. Let this team show you how to write, edit and publish a book within 60 Days or less!! Most publishers promise you 90 days however Brinkley's Publishing can walk you through the process and hold your hands to achieve your goals of being n Author.
  • Gain access to top-notch editorial and marketing services. Whoa! I have written a book, now what? Don't worry we have you covered including how to get professional reviews on Amazon on other platforms
  • Empower yourself to fulfill your dreams and reach your goals. 

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